The Deals are in the Peels!

open-cardMini Peel Cards are patented coupon cards that feature usually 32 miniature peel-off coupons (mini peels). Mini Peel Cards take up as much space as a credit or debit card. It fits right into your wallet, so they’re always there when you need them. Open the card, and see all your mini peel coupons at a glance, so you never have to flip pages to find the offer you want. Mini Peel Cards offer coupons from merchants of all kinds. Click to see just an example of the types of restaurants and retail services that offer savings through Mini Peel cards!Talk about convenient!

Mini Peel Cards are only available from non-profit community groups, including schools. The cards are sold as a fundraiser. Mini Peel Cards are available in the Fall and/or Spring depending on the community. Let us know if you’re interested in receiving a free information kit to find out more about how Mini Peel Cards can help you!



open-card Introducing Mini Peel Cards!
Mini Peel Cards offer a great way to fundraise – and to save! Click here to learn more.
Everyone Wins Everyone Wins with Mini Peel Cards!
With the Mini Peel Card fundraising system, everyone wins. Click here to see how!
Using Cards Using Your Mini Peel Card
Mini Peel Cards are extremely easy to use. Click here to see just how easy!