Introducing Mini Peel Cards!

open-cardMini Peel Cards are patented coupon cards that feature usually 32 miniature peel-off coupons (mini peels). They fold in half to the size of a credit card and fit right into your wallet, so they’re always close at hand. Each card contains several hundreds of dollars in valuable coupons. The mini peel coupons may be redeemed at any participating merchant location. Upon its release a typical Mini Peel Card is valid for approximately 12 to 16 months.

A “Mini Peel Card” is a Peelers® Card. Since being invented and patented in California in the early 1990s, Peelers® have raised millions of dollars worldwide. Mini Peel Cards* have been established in Canada since 2000. Mini Peel Cards feature well known restaurants, retail stores, recreational, and service oriented merchant partners. There is literally something for everyone!

* Mini Peel Cards were formerly called Peel Power


big_deal The Deals are in the Peels!
Mini Peel Cards offer 32 redeemable coupons you’ll love! Click here for details!
Everyone Wins Everyone Wins with Mini Peel Cards!
With the Mini Peel Card fundraising system, everyone wins. Click here to see how!
Using Cards Using Your Mini Peel Card
Mini Peel Cards are extremely easy to use. Click here to see just how easy!