Everyone Wins with Mini Peel Cards!

Everyone Wins with Mini Peel Cards!

Merchants Win!

Well known Merchants in each local community place high value coupon offers on the Mini Peel Card. Not only does this allow the merchants to give back to their community by helping local Non-Profit Community Groups , but it also helps them increase their patronage which in turn benefits the local economy.

Community Groups Win!

Once a card is released in a community, non-profit groups like schools, sport leagues, churches, etc. can sell the cards as part of our fundraising program. This gives them a simple and easy way to raise much needed funds for their activities, so they can keep making our communities great places to live.

Cardholders Win! Great Savings

As a cardholder, consumers who support non-profit groups by purchasing a Mini Peel Cards not only supported a worthy cause. They are rewarded/ entitled/received/ earned with tremendous savings from the participating merchants. Cardholders simply show their Mini Peel Card to the respective participating restaurants, retailers and attractions right in their community. When consumers redeem a valuable offer, the coupon is peeled off the card by staff at the redeeming merchant.



big_deal The Deals are in the Peels!
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open-card Introducing Mini Peel Cards!
Mini Peel Cards offer a great way to fundraise – and to save! Click here to learn more.
Using Cards Using Your Mini Peel Card
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