Fundraising 101

fundNew to fundraising?  Not sure what to do or how to start?

Or perhaps your past fundraising efforts have not produced the results you were expecting.

Generally, all fundraising coordinators and committees want the same thing out of a fundraising campaign: a very successful campaign that generates much needed funds.

Everyone wants fundraising products that are easy to sell, products that offer true value for their customers, and most of all, a high profit return for their hard work.  But choosing a great product fundraiser campaign is only half the battle. Perhaps the most common myth in fundraising is that the products will sell themselves and the fundraiser will take care of itself.  In reality, operating under this type of notion is a recipe for disaster. In fact, your campaign is doomed to fail or produce lack luster results right from the outset! Although many campaigns start off with good intentions, too often many  fail on account of lack of planning and execution.

But there is good news. Really good news. It doesn’t have to be this way…..


Our experienced Fundraising Professionals can help you get started on or back on the right track.

The key to any fundraising campaign is planning and execution. It is actually, just as or more important than the product or program you select. This is the secret to successful fundraising.

To implement a successful fundraiser, one has to carefully plan a fundraiser and execute it efficiently. A poorly planned and executed fundraiser is a setup for  failure. Here’s a brief list of some of the key elements required to achieve a successful fundraising campaign.

1 Set a Goal – By having an established goal prior to implementing or even selecting your fundraiser, you know the result you wish to achieve. Planning is much easier when you know what you want your end result to be.
2 Plan! Plan! Plan! – It sounds easy. But many disastrous fundraising campaigns are the result of poor or non-existent planning. Effective planning makes a huge difference. Allow ample enough time to effectively plan your campaign. Last minute fundraising campaigns that are rushed or thrown together at the last minute usually miss the mark of success.

Your planning should include:

1 A reasonable and realistic sales target to meet your goal
2 Your campaign Start Date and End Date as well as the duration time limit – Keep it short. Usually 2 or 3 weeks gets the job done.
3 Product Allocation and Distribution Method- Know the specific amount to be sold by each seller and how they are going to receive the product.
4 Record Keeping – Keeping track of everyone’s inventory and sales is essential.
3 Communicate! Good communication starts before the campaign. It continues during the campaign. And it is appreciated after the campaign. Everyone likes to be in the know. Excellent communication is the catalyst for a successful fundraiser. Know how you going to keep everyone informed. What materials do you need? (forms, parent letters etc.) Be specific about what you would like your sellers to do. Make  your campaign fun and educational. Celebrate successes. Provide weekly updates.



Campaign Killers: Things to avoid

1 “Fundraising Burn Out” or “Fundraising Fatigue.” Too many fundraising campaigns create burnout among your participants.
2  Leaving your campaign to chance. Too often groups try many fundraisers to see what “works”. The problem is the lack of planning. So in the end, nothing usually works in these situations.
3  Assumptions – Don’t assume participation, ensure everyone is on board and is committed to the campaign.
4  Fundraising Fizzle. Loss of interest as your campaign progresses. This is usually caused by a lack of communication.
5  Changing your game plan mid-campaign. Plan your campaign and stick to the plan!
6  Lack of Motivation – Ensure your sellers are motivated from the start. Keep them motivated throughout the campaign through weekly communication.


Let us help you get off on the right track. To learn more about planning your campaigns effectively, contact us today. It’s what we do and we do it very well!