Team Fundraising

soccerMini Peel Cards can meet all of your Team’s fundraising needs. Whether your Team needs to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a Mini Peel Card fundraiser can deliver!¬†Using the standard Community Mini Peel Card, teams can rack up profits in a hurry. How much? Check out our Profit Calculator to find out the minimum your team can make!

Check out why your team should fundraise with Mini Peel Cards:

  • Excellent Value! Cards are worth many times their purchase price
  • Each card is valid for over one year!
  • Every deal is redeemable in your area.
  • No money up front
  • Full returns*, Zero risk!
  • You’ll have money in the bank the day you start selling Mini Peel Cards
  • Attractive graphics make selling the cards a snap
  • Easy to carry! East to sell!
  • Outstanding Profit!
  • Profit boosting options available*!
  • No Risk, No Storage, No Spoilage, No Deliveries, No Up-front costs*
  • Campaign support materials available