Fundraising with Mini Peel Cards is Easier than you Think!

fundraising-with-mini-peel-cardsOnce your group orders Mini Peel Cards, distribute the cards to your sellers and depending on the plan you have selected, have them sell for up to 30 days.

At the end of the campaign, collect funds from your sellers and return payment (minus your profit) and unsold cards* (if any) to MPCC.


Look at what is so great about fundraising with Mini Peel Cards:

  • Affordable selling price!
  • Cards are worth many times their purchase price!
  • Each card is valid for over one year!
  • Every deal is redeemable in your area.
  • Attractive graphics make selling the cards a snap
  • No money up front
  • Full returns*, Zero risk!
  • You’ll have money in the bank the day you start selling Mini Peel Cards
  • Easy to carry! East to sell!
  • Cards can be customized*!
  • Outstanding Profit, Excellent Value!
  • Great Bonus card program boosts profit!
  • No Risk, No Storage, No Spoilage, No Deliveries, No Up-front costs*


Check out 5 Simple Steps to Success to ensure you’re on the right track!



*subject to return allowances for individual plans.