Community Cards

Introducing a fundraiser you’ll stick with!

A Mini Peel Card is a product that everyone wants, needs and uses, and it provides consumers with outstanding value for supporting your group. By selling them, your group can raise cash easier than ever before!Nothing could be easier than fundraising with Mini Peel Cards. Join the many existing clients who use Mini Peel Cards as their main fundraiser year after year! Your group too can benefit from the many exceptional attributes of a Mini Peel Card campaign.

We have profit boosting program options available to you to maximize your fundraising campaign to the fullest. A simple consultation will determine the best option that suits your group. Because our programs are designed for every type of group and their needs, we can tailor a program specifically for you.

Windsor Card

Sample of Community Cards – Front and Back

Community Mini Peel Cards
Our principle product and program starts with our standard Community Mini Peel Cards. This product is designed to meet the fundraising needs of practically any group within the community. Virtually every community group can sell Mini Peel Cards as a fundraiser. This includes schools, entire sports associations, individual clubs and teams, church and youth groups, plus many, many more! Check out exactly who fundraises with Mini Peel Cards – and remember, this is just a sample!

Your Mini Peel Card professional has several program options available to you to meet your group’s needs and objectives.

7 reasons why you should Fundraise with Mini Peel Cards:

  1. Easy to sell!
  2. Exceptional Profits!
  3. No or Little Risk!
  4. High Value Product!
  5. Great for your community!
  6. Everybody wins!
  7. Everybody loves to save money!


big_deal Team Fundraising!
Whether your Team needs to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a Mini Peel Card fundraiser can deliver! Click here to learn more!
open-card Group Fundraising!
Groups of all sizes can see huge benefits from a Mini Peel Card fundraiser! Check out how!
Using Cards School Fundraising!
There are many Mini Peel Card fundraising options available to schools – Click here to find out how Mini Peel Cards can work for yours!