Custom Branded Card Programs

CustomCardsCommunity Mini Peel Cards are not the only fundraising option available to qualifying sports associations, non-profit groups, and schools.

Introducing Custom Branded Mini Peel Cards!

Very similar to the generic Community Mini Peel Cards, Custom Branded Mini Peel Cards are created under contract for a specific client group.  These cards usually feature the client’s logo or photo image as well as their pertinent information. In many cases, the Custom cards feature the same merchant offers as the Community card.

Custom Branded Mini Peel Cards are the perfect annual fundraising product for large organizations such as charities or sports associations. As each organization has different needs and functions, a tailor made program can be developed specifically for each organization. The result may be an annual fundraising event that the organization and community looks forward to year after year. This will include your organization’s custom card.

By using the Custom Branded Card fundraising solution, you are promoting your club at the same time you’re fundraising. Your supporters will know who they supported…. all year long!

To view samples of different types of Custom Branded Mini Peel Cards, please click the following links:

School Spirit Cards | Sport Associations Cards | Charity Cards

To learn more about our Custom Branded Card program, please use the Contact Us page and tell us about your organization. A Fundraising Consultant will be in touch with you to discuss the program and its amazing profitability!