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About Mini Peel Cards

1. What is a MiniPeel card?

MiniPeel Cards are patented coupon cards that feature usually 32 miniature peel-off coupons (mini peels). They fold in half to the size of a credit card and fit right into your wallet, so they’re always close at hand. Each card typically has a minimum of $300 in value. The mini peel coupons may be redeemed at any participating merchant location.

2. How do you use a Mini Peel card?

Using a Mini Peel Card is extremely easy. When patronizing a participating merchant location, simply present the card to the merchant, prior to ordering or checking out. The merchant will peel-off the correct coupon, return the card to you and then apply the discount to your purchase. It’s as easy as that!

3. Do you have to register or activate a Mini Peel Card in order to use it?

No. Mini Peel Cards are strictly anonymous. In most cases, after you purchase a card, you can use it right away. Other than to adhere to the Terms and Conditions as stated on the card, no further action is required on your part.

4. Where do you get a Mini Peel card?

You can only purchase a Mini Peel Card from a fundraising group. If you don’t know anyone selling Mini Peel Cards in your community, please email us as we can refer you to a group currently fundraising with Mini Peel Cards.

5. When are Mini Peel cards available?

As Mini Peel Cards are used as fundraisers, many cards are released in early fall, usually after Labour Day in September. Alternately, some communities have Spring card releases to accommodate the fundraising of Spring groups such as Youth Baseball or Outdoor Soccer Leagues.

6. How much value is there on a Mini Peel card?

The value of a Mini Peel Card varies in value depending on a number of factors such as the community, the merchant partners to name a few. However, each card is designed to maximize the best value possible in a given community. Usually the value exceeds several hundreds of dollars. That’s a great return on investment for supporting a worthwhile community group.

7. What type of offers/savings are on a Mini Peel Card?

As Mini Peel Cards are created to provide the best possible value, the majority of offers are Buy One Get One Free offers. (BoGo Free!). That said, there are instances where such an offer is not feasible, in these cases merchants usually provide a valuable discount on their goods or services.

8. Do Mini Peel cards expire?

Yes. Mini Peel Cards do expire. You can view the Expiry Date of any Mini Peel Card in several places on the card. First, you can view it near the bottom right hand corner on the front panel of the card. Second, the Expiry Date is also placed on the coupon side, specifically on the center horizontal bar. Finally, Expiry Dates are placed on each coupon on the card. Please note that some coupons may expire prior to the actual cards expiry date.

9. How long are Mini Peel cards valid for?

Mini Peel Cards are typically valid for 12 months or more from the date of their release.

10. How do I know where to use my Mini Peel card?

Every Mini Peel Card has a dedicated web page for that card. All of the participating merchant locations are listed on the web page. The address for the web page is stated on the back panel of every Mini Peel Card.

11. Are Mini Peel Cards good in other markets other than where my card is for?

By the nature of supporting local communities, Mini Peel Cards are only valid in the market they were produced for. The participating locations are listed on the card’s web page. If you are interested in cards for other communities, please contact us for more information.

12. Is there an endless supply of Mini Peel Cards?

No. Mini Peel Cards are produced in a limited quantity for every community. Once they are sold out, there is no more cards available until the following year.



About Fundraising with Mini Peel Cards

1. Who can fundraise with Mini Peel Cards?

Virtually any non-profit group may sell Mini Peel Cards as a fundraiser. We have assisted many groups of all types and sizes meet their fundraising objectives.

2. Who determines which merchants are selected and featured on a Mini Peel Card?

The Mini Peel Card is planned and developed by marketing professionals within our network. We value the input of all of our fundraising clients and would gladly listen to any suggestions they might have in regards to merchant selection. That said, the final decision remains with the General Manager for the given market for which a card is produced.

3. Can we fundraise with Mini Peel Cards at the participating merchant locations?

No.  Fundraising  on merchant  premises is strictly prohibited.  Soliciting the merchants customers  on or near  their premises is also prohibited and is strictly forbidden.  The only exception to this is when a group has prior consent from the management of the  merchant to conduct an onsite fundraiser. The Mini Peel Card is planned and developed by marketing professionals within our network. We value the input of all of our fundraising clients and would gladly listen to any suggestions they might have in regards to merchant selection. That said, the final decision remains with the General Manager for the given market for which a card is produced.

4. Can we get a customized Mini Peel Card?

Absolutely! Custom Cards are an option for organizations that meet the minimum criteria. To learn more about how a Custom Card may benefit your organization please use the Contact Us page and provide as much information about your group as possible. Our consultants will contact you and evaluate the possibility of a Custom Mini Peel Card fundraising campaign.

5. How much money can our group raise by selling Mini Peel Cards?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. The easiest and quickest way to determine the benefits your group can expect from a Mini Peel Card fundraiser is to request a Profit Plan. Click here to submit your request.

6. What is the profit per card?

Our Fundraising Professionals have many profit boosting solutions to offer your group. While the normal base profit rate is 50%, you should contact us to learn how to maximize your profit options.

7. Do you have to purchase the cards before you fundraise with them?

Yes and No. Our Fundraising Professionals have many different plans to accommodate nearly every need a group may have. Certain plans require your group to pre-purchase your inventory, while others do not. It is best to discuss the options with our Fundraising Professionals.

8. Can we return any unsold cards (are we charged only for the cards we sell)?

Yes, depending on the plan your group selects. There are return provisions that can make your fundraising campaign totally risk free. It must be noted however, that unsold cards (if any) authorized to be returned must meet our inventory standards. They must be in the exact condition as they were initially received.

9. Are there shipping costs?

No. There are no shipping costs on your card orders. The cards that are shipped to you are shipped free of charge. That said, if your group has to return cards, your group is responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

10. How many times throughout the year can we have a fundraising campaign?

To maximize your campaign and to avoid fundraising burnout, we strongly recommend to have one major Mini Peel Card fundraising campaign per school year or season. Within that campaign, you may order as many times as you may need to.

11. Is there a minimum order?

Our standard minimum order is 100 cards.

12. Are there administration fees?

No. There are no administration fees.

13. How much advance notice is required to place an order and have cards delivered?

Ideally, our company would appreciate as much notice as possible. In season, it may be possible to have generic Mini Peel Cards delivered within a couple of days. (Provided of course, the card is not sold out yet.)